Welcome to Europlant Group represented in Poland by Phytopharm Klęka S.A.

Innovation in Herbal Products for Pharmacies: the main domain of Europlant Group business is production and distribution of plant medicine exclusively through pharmacies. Our activity focuses on selling markets in the Central and Eastern Europe, predominantly in Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Our own manufacturing and distributing companies ensure necessary proximity to our customers.

We have produced our plant medicine for a long time in our manufacturing plants which belong to our group of companies operating as a family enterprise already for three generations. The nature network® is a symbol of tasty, effective, safe and innovative plant related products and services – from procuring plant material, through inward processing into top quality semi-finished products, to lab, advisory and distribution services. As regards the Central and Eastern Europe, Europlant Group also offers its services to producers of plant medicine outside the nature network®.